The tall tale…..

Here is the oldie but goodie. Battle Beasley, the king of Hydrogen conversion for a greener fossil fuel vehicle, is presented here in a bit of impromptu joke about.
Basically going back 2 years ago, a earlier model of his conversion is presented in the context of a good old fashion story. The bottom line is what happened during a demo of the hydrogen conversion presentation to a ship owner in Florida. The implosion of the hydrogen balloon in the course of a dockside presentation and the reaction of the babe in arms of his mother. Hydrogen does not explode, remember the Hindenburg, hydrogen implodes. There is a second video of the newer model of the hydrogen conversion unit coming soon. And BTW, the hydrogen conversion in a nutshell doubles the mileage of a vehicle, and obviously reduces the consumption of a fixed power generator by half. Byproduct of hydrogen conversion is………H2o. About as green as possible…..Keep digging Mr. Beasley, keep digging.