Quickly and without pain. I’m a 59 soon to be 60year old male who still wonders what and where the past two or three decades have gone. The world has changed but me life remains. I’ve spent the balance working for the Federal Government in USA(retired-out June 2014). With that said, my life has never gotten, ‘out of the box’. I remain as I have since my college years. I work and I go home.  My home is Alpharetta Georgia.

Here is a picture of me with my ‘newest family member’. Ray Ferguson the son of Kerry and Thomas R. Ferguson, all of a few months with Ella Jean who raised my nephews, my families caretaker and well where I am from and such, Ella Jean is of only a very small handful of ‘women’ who raises another family, what she says is gospel. The picture is from  January of this year 2013.

Ella Jean w Ray w Bill Walden

Ella Jean, Ray, William Mobley Walden

I’m single, have always been, I have no children and my parents deceased. I have three sisters and a brother. We see each other on ‘occasion’. With no second thoughts to ponder, my life is @Sunset, not ‘sunrise’. I look forward to the remaining balance & wonder.. ‘What is Life’


2 thoughts on “About

  1. lovely to meet you, kind sir, many thanks for dropping by, and I’m glad you’re a fan of my friend. Fyrespike….. what is life? why what you make of it, says I 🙂 xx

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