Convene the Crimson Court…

Adventum “aurata Wren” signa iudicio Tx3 in Regnum RUFUS. Apparet quidem ut in curia est ad conveniri. Fiat scriptum. amen

Arrival of the “Gilded Wren” signals a verdict of Tx3 in the Kingdom of Crimson. Forthcoming indeed as the court is to be convened. Let it be written. Amen

Unfortunately, simplistic vindication seldom illuminates profound issues, hence the reliance of the weak upon myth.

Quote from “Sir Francis”




3 thoughts on “Convene the Crimson Court…

  1. Oh you made my DAY! I so enjoyed catching up, Bill. And by the way, I have books on my ipod which I tale with me and read at appointments and etc. iPad too. I will get an iPhone next change up.

    1. Calling ‘it’ a Freudian slip could be the beginning of setting boundaries for typo errors…but Sigmund would approve..btw I was awarded a iphone from my service provider this year past….6months later still learning and it is a remarkable piece of tech..

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