Good bye 2011, goodbye.

As a individual, I’ve little to say about 2011, other than me last day of your year was of no better than the first. Between these two days there is little to nothing of offer, sadly, but truthfully. Never the less there were moments of life in all its reality, played out daily and weekly, offering up only a vague reminder, somewhat akin to tidal wetlands in perpetual low-tide. Other moments and days felt as real and fulfilling as the inward gasp of air when one surfaces from a swim along the depths of a lake, the crashing sound of surface, the shake of the head to clear the waters and the joy of another breath.

At a later time a welcome will be due to 2012.  Till the time arrives, then farewell 2011, farewell. You will not be forgotten.

West by North


2 thoughts on “Good bye 2011, goodbye.

  1. Farewell 2011. It was a tough year for many. Certainly myself BUT: I am above ground and God is good. 🙂

    Happy New Year Bill. xo

    1. Well said Miss C. God is good and indeed a tough year for you, I pray you will never repeat….. God bless the little furry one’s…….Amen.

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