Johnny Winter……

Back in the day someone had the idea of 3 days of Peace-Love & Music. I was just about 2 years shy in age of even being able to consider a slightly possible chance of attending, therefore it was never a issue. But my Mother did find a T-shirt, honest to god Woodstock T-shirt, and i wore it out!!!!!!!

So here is my rant. After watching the movie the following year and obviously being blow out of the water not only by the sheer size and talent of the movie, I always carried the admiration for the creative effort in the film making, the editing, the sound and the reality of the event place on the big screen.  Flash forward nearly 40 years later and to my dieing day I may never if necessary maybe, come to terms with “how in the world did Johnny Winter” end up on the cutting room floor in-order to make room for Sha na na.

Never the less it is a reality, of disbelief I will forever carry.  Rock on Johnny…….