I am thankful.

Not ever day can I make a difference, an not a day I say goes past I not care. Today, marks a great dawn for un-shelted animals in my life.  The biggest and baddest adoption and animal shelter in 3 states out from Georgia opened its doors in my town.

I am more than aware I live in a city, in the mornings before dawn, winter, spring, summer or fall my time spent in the center of the city of Alpharetta is witness to wildlife, of a different breed of my fellow burb livers. For example is the female coyote who pees on the fire plug in front of the vacant lot, occupied for a generation, now vacant land for the new city center, morning for last, the lone doe, grazing the curb also for the enormous gathering of acorns, in piles of pounds, a treasure trove of bounty with no effort in the gathering. She seem a bit skittish, but I beg she is city breed for @least two generation, Ha…..she is city smart. The racoons who are attempting to displace me possums for the right to the left overs of my household, ah the wonders of these suppose wildlifes who live a luxury of life in the city……..and Now.  For those bred and raised as Domestic animals, the newest of the newest….I present.

Fulton Counties finest shelter for those who need our love………

More than 300 dogs and cats arrived Tuesday at their new — and hopefully temporary — home in Alpharetta where the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) has opened a new campus on Mansell Road.

A puppy rests on the shoulder of Jeanne Dempsey, Roswell, during the transportation of animals to the new campus of the Atlanta Humane Society in Alpharetta on Tuesday

This former car dealership is now the home of the new campus of the Atlanta Humane Society in Alpharetta.

With the new location — there is also a 65,000-square-foot facility on 3.5 acres of Howell Mill Road — AHS president William Shaheen said they will be able to double the number of adoptions and spay/neuter surgeries performed annually.

Yes I am aware, many without homes, many without jobs, and more than one on the curb waiting on the god loves me Budweiser Tall boy, life is after all what we make of it, and a rescue is a rescue, and for many on the side, where life may just be brief, there is joy and hope for those small pets, to some as hope from despair by association, family members or friends, these small animals of Gods creation have hope to live their lives as more than road kill or pathetic casts offs…….There is a God as surely as there is shelter…..


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  1. I am so grateful for ANY place and ANY one who will offer shelter, food and life to the helpless and innocent four legged creations. We are their stewards after all. God loves them too.

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