@The Wall, again.

@The Wall, again.

I’ve debated to myself the past few months on my blog, or better yet the direction, tone and subject matter of @McTells Place. Here in the middle of October the content still remains “up in the air”. Migration to WordPress from Windows live has been a challenge. The vast number of ‘writers’ is simply amazing here in WordPress; there were tons of ‘writers’, on Windows Live, some good, some great. As was mine then, a daily magazine article of our lives and times. Showing a bit of ourselves our families and the world we lived in to all who dropped by.

Moving to WordPress I felt a challenge too capture a level above, in tone, content, subject as well as presentation, notch up the blog a touch.

I miss the days of posting something of interest; adding a few pictures or a ” it makes me think twice” quote, hit “publish” and feeling the satisfaction. The debate rages I suppose. Simply, ‘post as you like it’, ‘connect the dots’, follow the thread. I find no conclusion and may just discover there is no dilemma.

I have a host of small files in a folder, filed under what else…BS to spur on a blog or post and to follow let me see what tidbits I have.

June blog stuff

The screen shot above should provide some material. First folder is ‘Buddha never through it’.

(He abused me, he struck me, he overcame me, he robbed me”-in those who do not harbor such thoughts hatred will cease. “)

(– Dhammapada 1.3-4; trans. Radhakrishnan

In contrast, Biblical rhetoric is full of references to enemies, slanderers, and persecutors. Buddhism might unmask a delusion here, rather than go on to talk of forgiving one’s enemies and blessing one’s persecutors. Biblical salvation is atonement for evils that have already occurred; but Buddhist salvation is more an effort to prevent the evils from arising in the first place. When they have already arisen, it calmly proceeds to dismantle them by going back to their roots.)


Now this bit of wisdom was for a study or debate. The debate of Christian and Buddhist philosophy of……..” If a god forgives you of all your sins, then you can continue the cylce of sin and forgiveness. What a horrible thought. Being Christian as I am the challenge of trying to come to a middle ground here was just a little bit too much for me to explore. But I do like neither philosophical thought of dismantling the damage nor atonement of wrong or poor pitiful me. The complete package of info in the folder goes for days. I’ll just stop here and if you like, help yourself to the debate.

Next up in the files is…‘Generational Sins and Curses’. Seems June was the month for religious thoughts. Open up the file and here is a paste.


The Bible tells us that the sins of the father can be “visited” down to 3 or 4 generations in future children.

This IS the bible, this IS what the Word of God says. Most churches pass over it, ignore it… I don’t know why… but I have sought it out because I had issues contrary.


If my memory serves me correctly this was visited as a possible blog when a friend of mine, who over the years/decades has consistently had issues with a vast amount of misfortune visited upon his life. Causing him to call into question the misfortunes as to being not sins of his own, but the curse upon him coming from a prior generation. Simply if ” its not my fault, then who’s’ fault is it?” And greater yet, when will it stop, will it stop and is there an “out” he could arrange. The subject seemed almost taboo as I explored. My conclusion with a grain of salt, with humor and prayer is still open ended, other than glad I’m not him. Indeed his troubles are large in scope and broad in years.

Next up in the files is… ‘Juridical and Ethical’. Once again June was the month of religious, moral and judicial debate I would think.

Dutch philosopher, Herman Dooyeweerd, who recognised that in our living there are several distinct aspects, which should not be conflated into one another. (He proposed ontology; the hyperlinks above are to his proposal for irreducible aspects.) In the realm of personal ethics, the kernel of which is self-giving love, we are called upon to exercise forgiveness. But in the realm of juridical structures of society, the kernel of which is ‘what is due’, we are called upon to exercise proportionality. And since self-giving love cannot be reduced to legal norms nor vice versa, exercising forgiveness does not go against proportionality, but enriches it.


Forgiveness, when thought of as an unsolicited gift, may increase the perceived debt of the transgressor to the victim whereas retribution should reduce it.


Herman has some very deep and very well made arguments to follow up his bottom line of forgiveness “may” my words, increase the perceived debt of the transgressor. In hindsight it is difficult to recall how these 3 tidbits to blog from came about. When I hit a thread to blog on apparently the research is a true roundabout in nature, looking always in more than one two or more directions.

Well there it is, a blog of not much but was a keen interest in Religion, Morales and Philosophy….

As a side note, my previous blog was about my visit again to my Neurologist and surgeon. December of last year there was a late afternoon icing event. As the day ended a light mist and falling temperatures created a perfect glazing all round the city and suburbs. A few years back, knowing my liking of nature in any condition, my younger sister gave me 2 sets of ice cleats. They are simple devices, fitting over boots or sturdy shoes providing metal tacks on the souls of the foot coverings. I had made it back into the office after dark, creeping along with thousands of fellow motorist; it was good to see traffic so well behaved. Leaving the office and headed across the street in a church parking lot to my Jeep, I had removed the ice cleats once inside, and forgot to put them on again head to the parking lot. I have never in my life fallen so hard.

A few months later, the spine is a bit of a problem and repairs are necessary. In the hours, days and weeks to follow the fall, the pain was from the covering of my lungs, a small tear with large pain, the giant haematoma the size of a grapefruit from my thigh to my ankle, seriously bloody. In the body’s need to protect itself, some growths on the lower disc appeared, to protect the damaged area. I can only walk for about 5minutes at a stretch, the pain will knock you to the ground. So I’m waiting for the moon, the stars and heavens to align to have the repairs done. Epidurals help a lot, but only last a week or two.

Time to hit publish, its my day off on Mondays and I’ve got a call in to my isp company because my Fast DSL is dial up speed again. But in my mind DSL speeds are minor this type of problem on the scale of life is low and low again.

 All I have is today and a hope of a tomorrow.

William M. Walden