Me blog has been Idle………..

My blog has been idle for quite some time. This being said, I have excuses. But need to thank Jacki @365 and the men from “findingthetruth” and damn it others, but this is just a tween-er blog. Both excellent blogs. Fresh-pressed is a given when I’ve got a bit more on my hand than I can handle, with the passing of the summers heat, and hectic work scheduled, scheduled accordingly from the higher ups is not so hectic, yeah right, because they do the math with pencil and paper and I do the math with my bare hands, go figure and as far as the heat of summer, heck, you can always say its been hotter.

The real world should reappear soon with a vigor unseen in wordpress, the depth, insight-fulness, wit, vigor of word usage, unending wisdom of a sage will continue to astound those whose eye may cast a glimpse of desperation to be filled with written word, upon these, yeah, these very pages of Nostradamus pinging wordsmithing,  yes capturing all in the land of ” I know it”, with a lighting bolt perceiving of gee I thought about it and he wrote about it, so it must be true philosophy of human, nay, humanities insightful, yet revolving abet fickle and intuitive insight of _____________(fill in the blank).  I’ll be back with a blog sooner I hope.

Take care to all who visite now.

Who Dat......



2 thoughts on “Me blog has been Idle………..

  1. LOve what you said in your “about” as the peace of the Lord is always with me as well. Isn’t it beyond ability to describe? xoxo

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