The Day the Dollar Died (Part XI)

The Day the Dollar Died (Part XI).

A somewhat proactive series.  Upon closer reading I and I hope others will find as a eye-opening read.  When government becomes too large, or simply overbearing consequences arise. A continuum fictional series from a pair of most excellent bloggers.

As a side note from me… Having lived a bit in age, but not enough for some, upon this remark I remain humble with respect to refrain from conclusions.

Ask yourself if not the words of their blog (The Day the Dollar Died) seeming at worst the overtakings of history in form, such as a tailor suggest short or long cuff upon your trouser sir? Indeed we read the news or listen between moments of sentimentality at times feeling its abrasiveness?  Better yet, discount or trivialize the daily events I feel a bit repulsed too, no patronizing here.  Or have we as citizens of a most exceptional country, one with out kings nor queens the posers of leadership, manmade reflected as God-given? Indeed  too those of religion, fudictary enslavement, mere mentalist who prey upon a weary society collectively or individuals alone. Posing in black and white, posing in Peace or War, feast or famine alas sorrowfuly preadotor or prey.  Those of religious sentiments posers, yes simply posers,  as leaders or demigods upon who we or you or I must submitt inherit rights of life and all of lifes wounderments from cradle to grave?? Ffound a country, nursed and thrived too now as never before in our (USA) history found yes ourselves arriving upon the crossroads upon the threshold which divides nay reinitialize or restores to us the principals and philosophy which brought The United States of America into existence, the root of precursor to charity without a handout, abhorrence to Imperialism and dedication towards good will to all men.  Yes again…….Too all men.

Never should we bury our eyes, our ears nor minds to contrary. Allow the syllables to ring forth, contrary, the bastard steward of ignorance. If I may be so bold to whisper or shout. History now is here, is with us. History is our soul, our nourishment the seed of salvation if need be. Our country remain as always…….”All we have is now and now we are all we have”.  God Bless America.  And God Bless You.

McTell Alaska 09-01