A Letter from the Editor…

This is a letter from your editor, publisher, copy-right reviewer, creative whiz-older adult and conformist/nonconformist bloger. McTell.

If no on has noticed then I’ll proceed.  My blog has been a bit imperfect.  Trying or attempting to hit the “home-run” each time. I’m looking forward with the hindsight of 7 years blogging on Windows Live.  A moment here to thank Gates and Co., for the free forum to cut my teeth, meet new friends and expand the world from here to you.  Alas Windows Live and I somewhat quote.  ” We are discontinueing our blog site and providing migration to WordPress. Our bloggers have asked for a richer enviorment in which to publish. So it is with great sadness we will be discontinuing Windows Live Blog.”

It was at this point I had the opportunity to migrate all my body of work to WordPress, in my decision I decided to start from scratch. No migration whatsoever.  Well as things can go in life, oops!  I lost 7 years of work.  Mostly of oral history put down in daily and weekly accounts of my life, my blog friends life and random observations.  Including but not limited too.  Johnny Winter being left on the cutting room floor in the movie Woodstock to provide room for Sha-Na-Na how cool.  What not to do when the tornado you never thought would hit you house does…Hint…don’t go outside. And my Tour-de-Force of publishing…..I met Carlos Castanada in Cuba, New Mexico. Hint here…(”                “).

The file I uploaded of all my blogs was corrupted…about as close to a DELETE..oopps as one can obtain.  But the backup of another made at a different time of my blog…..Corrupt also.  Game over, blog way past deletion, gone, zip, zero, nada, nothing.  I’ve even been to the island of something or nother near China with servers the size of my hometown, using the most obscure of search engine to try and obtain copies of blogs, searched out by some neferous individual or company, city, state country…whatever.  All is lost from Windows Live.  It is here I now construct my blog.

A point of observation.

My blog on MLK day I think is a true eye opener, the research was for me.

The blog on Blake is scary if you, and well here it is, Blake is the backbone of Silence of the Lambs/Red Dragon films.  Yeah…..!!!

I could not do a Mothers day blog.  I had amassed some great research from Germany and Eastern Centeral Africa…conclusion…???  Mothers are Mothers, much as a goose, teach, protect, contribute to the society, procreate and die.

I’m not much of a writer as a writer goes, yet I’ve found the enjoyment of the challenge much as with Phillip Randolph blog.  It might not have quite come together as seamless as I wanted, yes I’m ware of my failures. Yet the process of the blog elevated my historical knowledge for myself.

Forthwith and therefore I continue. WordPress has a host of abilities and capabilites yet unexplored for my purpose and I thank the folks from WordPress for a free forum to continue in.

PS…….I’m sorry or apologize to a few individuals, the post about my cat of 17years was suppose to be a tribute and a prayer.  She passed away on April 11th 2011 at the age of 17years plus, and it makes me sad.