Will the real Ernest please stand up.

This will be a true Joy.  Thinking for a few days and as always in the back of me mind. What to blog? Sunday night SAG awards in USA.  The main man of a craft never perfected, always chased, analyzed, criticized, praised, loathed, loved, under-over rated, a quest to make…

“El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha” less than a footnote of Grail searching.

Ernest Borgnine

The thought came to me today while at work, ” I’d only begun the blog, not finished on Ernest Borgnine.  Feelings of unfinished business did not panic myself, but the feeling I had forgotten to mention this is a work in progress and unfinished.

The story of my fondness for EB goes I suppose as with many a fan.  The television sitcom “McHales Navy” was extremely popular to children and adults alike when I was a child from the age of seven to eleven years old.  Research show the TV show although lasting only four years, nevertheless produced an amazing 138 one half hour shows.  The years from 1962 till August of 1966.

I have to stop for now, but I did, I did, I did unearth the for me the tastest 10minutes of Acting, a complete one man act in one act showcasing the craft, chased, scorned, a actor showing all seven emotions, conveying a story in layers, reveling so much with so little..

Obviously because I refuse to pay to publish @this point in time, I offer up a “link” to the Actor and his Craft.  The most beautiful 10minutes.

In advance the story is about 9/11, as the shadows of the World Trade Centers disappear, the sun shines and the ephieny of his wife demise is realized in tragedy bracketed with the Joy of life.