Best Day of my Life in 11 Months……

Sunday night blizzard to Mondays continuation a record snowfall in North Georgia.

The second such event in the past couple of weeks. I would not call cabin fever by any stretch of the imagination the reason why I geared- up and hit the great inner-city out of doors, but the wonder-lust need to clear the cobwebs of inactivity.

Mission accomplished and I thank God for the few hours in the snow covered elements.

The past 11 months been most difficult personally and today a payoff eclipsing much of the turmoil and giving to me a wonderful day filled with private thoughts, snow-covered landscape as well a tremendously self-satisfying walk-about.


Kold & Kolor



It makes me Happy…….

My great walk about




One thought on “Best Day of my Life in 11 Months……

  1. Wow – didn’t realize you were still blogging. I still have to move Rosebay. Glad you survived the snow and had a good day. You deserve it!

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